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America is the most developed country in the world with many strengths in all fields, from economy to culture and society. Besides, the freedom and equality Americans always uphold also make the US a “promised land” of immigrants.

With 45 million foreigners living and working in the US, this number is 4 times higher than many countries in the world, showing that the “American dream” is truly an untold desire of the immigrant community from all over the world.

Area Population Language Currency
9.830 million km² 329,5 million people English USD


Many opportunities are available only to U.S. citizens. These are the benefits that encourage citizenship-eligible lawful permanent residents

1.  Protection from deportation

You and your kids can avoid deportation by becoming a citizen of the United States. However in some cases, you can be deported as a lawful permanent resident if you have certain criminal convictions, and some behaviors put LPRs at risk for long-term implications like deportation.

2.  Citizenship for your children

Children under the age of 18 who are lawful permanent residents immediately become citizens of the United States when their parents naturalize. Since applicants for naturalization are not available until they are 18 years old, this is a genuine gift from parents to their kids.

3.  Family reunification

Citizens of the United States may submit immigration petitions to the government in order to be reunited with family. While U.S. citizens are able to petition for other family members such as parents, siblings, and married adult sons and daughters, LPRs are only able to do so for their spouses, minor children, and unmarried adult sons and daughters.

4.  Eligibility for government jobs

Only citizens of the United States are eligible for some positions, such as those in the federal government. Additionally, naturalized citizens typically outperform noncitizens financially. They make between 50 and 70 percent more money overall than noncitizens, are more likely to be employed, and have lower poverty rates. Individual salary improvements of 8 to 11 percent for new citizens may also be expected, directly related to increased job preparation, better job fits, and improved job mobility.

5.  Freedom to travel

The amount of time LPRs can travel in a year is limited. Citizens of the United States are free to travel without these limitations. In the event of a personal crisis or civil disturbance, they also have the option to request assistance from and protection from American embassies and consulates abroad.

6.  Ability to vote

Citizenship in the United States also confers the ability to vote. Only citizens have the power to choose the leaders they think would best serve their interests, those of their families, and those of their communities.


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What is the United States Citizenship program? Significant perks, rights, and privileges come with U.S. citizenship. People will make great sacrifices in order to immigrate to the United States and...

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