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The United Kingdom is actually made up of four nations sharing one monarch and administration. They are England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Every nation has a unique culture and atmosphere all its own. Although Northern Ireland is on a different island than England, Wales, and Scotland, they all share a border with the Republic of Ireland.

The United Kingdom as we know it now is the outcome of numerous centuries-old alliances and conquests. That’s why the lifestyle and culture of the UK can vary depending on where you travel. There is something for everyone, from quiet beach communities to London’s humming 24-hour city.

Area Population Language Currency
243,610 km² 67.22 million people English Pound sterling (£)


1.  Free healthcare

Healthcare is free if you reside in a Commonwealth nation like the UK. Everyone has access to a free option, but if you’d like, you can pay to increase your care.

The government-funded healthcare system ensures that any British citizen with an injury or illness can get access to treatment from a doctor or nurse. Even dentists are included!

2.  Easy Access to Europe

It’s so simple to travel to Europe!

The United Kingdom is a very accessible country. It is so simple to hop across to Europe anytime you feel like it because of Heathrow’s status as a key hub for international travel and the abundance of low-cost flights.

Now you may travel to other nations without blowing your budget or losing half your weekend to travel.

3.  Adorable Cottage Homes

Houses in some center cities in the UK can be incredibly challenging to afford a house, especially in London. This city is notorious for their insane housing and rental prices. 

However, the United Kingdom is full of charming villages with Tudor cottages. These are the kinds of homes that inspired the Hobbit. Visit the Cotswolds to see the cutest cottages, and while you’re there, think about relocating there, they are surprisingly much affordable than the rest of houses in this country.

4.  Lots of Paid Time Off

Working in the UK entitles you to all of its benefits, even if you work at McDonald’s. Every job gets at least 4 weeks off! If you work a salaried job, you are guaranteed a lot more vacation time.

Unfortunately, that paid holiday leave doesn’t carry over to the work-life balance of most UK jobs. Most jobs require employees to devote more than the standard 40 hours per week to their work to ensure they finish their work. If you can go with it, then the UK might be an ideal place for you.

5.  A lot of Good Work Opportunities

The UK’s economy is thriving. For Britons, this opens up a ton of job prospects.

People tend to look for jobs in London. The majority of the major businesses and industries may be found operating here. Even though most people choose to live in the suburbs or small towns rather than in cities, they end up working here.

The UK can be the ideal destination for you if you’re wanting to relocate for improved employment chances!

6.  The UK is Safe for Women

One of the safest nations for women is the UK. You won’t experience sexual harassment that is beyond what you would experience at home. The presence of CCTV cameras in all major cities is one of the main factors contributing to the UK’s safety. Police are also always available and ready to assist. In smaller towns, the locals have come together to promote visitor, kid, and female safety.

7.  Cultural Diversity

The population of UK is highly diverse. Since the British historically seized control of pretty much everything, they have a population that comes from all over the world. Walking down the street you will hear a variety of accents, see people of different ethnicities, and enjoy a range of ethnic foods from various places around the world. 

The UK is definitely a place to go if you want to feel like you’re traveling the world just from the places you eat and the people you meet.


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The United Kingdom Immigration Program

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