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EB-5 project takoma park washington dc investment level 800,000 usd, this time is reasonable 3 years

Takoma Park Washington DC is the projected headers of the EB-5 America I second 17 next to connect “the public public” of the EB5 Capital Regional Center. The model project has a history of more than 10 years, 100% success rate of getting green cards.



Takoma Park is a project to build a Grade A luxury apartment complex with 354 apartments with many amenities and high-class furniture. The project site will have a fitness center, a club room exclusively for residents, an outdoor lobby area and green landscaped spaces, and a total of 68 above ground parking spaces. The project, located in the Takoma neighborhood of Washington D.C., will consist of two separate 5-story buildings – including penthouses.

Project location

The project is located at: 6896 Laurel Street NW, Washington DC 20012. The Takoma neighborhood, located at the extreme northeast of DC, is the gateway between Washington DC and the premier suburbs of Montgomery County, Maryland. The market where the project is built is a strong condominium market, with very low vacancy rates. A growing population, fast-growing economy, and long-term employment have made the area one of the more productive urban areas for condominiums.

The project location is confirmed to be eligible for an Investment Incentive Area (TEA), according to an assessment method recognized by USCIS.

The quaint residential areas here feature Victorian-style family homes and bungalows. Convenient transportation system with a wide range of public transport as well as recreational and retail facilities. Takoma subway station is only two blocks from the project, which will help residents here conveniently move to companies throughout the area. Union Station in downtown Washington DC is just 20 minutes from Takoma Station.

Takoma’s vibrant town character has attracted retailers and new residents to the area. From 2014 to 2019, Takoma’s population (ZIP code 20012) increased by 20%.

Project Structure

EB-5 capital accounts for only a small part (~21%). The project has been appraised and approved for loan by the bank. Demonstrate development potential and secure funding for the construction and completion of the project.

Term and rule

1 Requirement Capital $800.000 (TEA)
2 Initial loan term 5 years
3 Prioritized Profit 0.5%/year
4 Payback Sell or restructure
5 EB-5 seat 30
6 Requirement job 300
7 Total job 957
8 Job/ Investor 32 (317%)


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