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The “land of maple leaves” is facing the problem of population aging. Canada’s population that meets the working-age requirement is just over 70% of the actual workforce needed. Therefore, in recent years, Canada has been working to find a way to attract more immigrants.

You can become a Canadian citizen by participating in investment-based immigration programs, studying abroad, and skilled migration – one of the easiest Canadian immigration streams with a passing rate of up to 90%, and more.

Area Population Language Currency
9.985 million km² 38,01 million people English/ French CAD


1.  A Welcoming Business Environment

Canadians are very welcoming and respectful to others which is one of the key elements for the success of business, that is why Bloomberg and Forbes quote “Canadian is the best country in the G-20 to do business”.

2.  A Strong Growth Rate

According to the world bank, Canada led all G-7 countries in economic growth over the past decade. This record shows the consistent economic growth of Canada, regardless of crises around the world. The economic system of the country is stable.

3.  Unparalleled Market Access

Foreign Investors are more secured because they have access to both the NAFA and EU-CRTA markets with combined GDP of US $35 trillion. The diverse market helps them grow faster.

4.  A Highly Educated Work Force

Canada has a highly educated workforce because its education system is innovated and practical based. Recently the government has increased the number of quotas for skilled and educated immigrants to ensure the growth and development of the economic system of the country.

5.  A Low Tax Rates

Canada’s overall marginal effective tax rate is by far the lowest in the G-7, about 17 percentage points lower than that of the United States. Thus, if the tax rate is low, the investors are on the safe side as they pay less for tax and the business will do well.

6.  Financial Stability

For six consecutive years, the World Economic Forum has declared Canada’s banking system to be the soundest in the world. Canada’s economic system is a mixed economy so it is more stable compared to the USA. Most of the banks are owned by the government and there has not been a story of bankruptcy when many countries including the USA had.

7.  A Great Place To Invest, Work and Live

Canada is a multicultural country, a home for all people around the world. It has a good healthcare system and world-class universities. The crime rate is very low. The wage for an entry-level worker is higher than in the USA.

8.  Politics

Canada is politically sound and stable. Civil wars and political propaganda have created economic crises in many countries worldwide. There are no significant political issues like the USA, they had to shut down the country once in 2013.


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What is Canada Citizenship by Investment? Numerous immigration schemes exist in Canada to assist foreigners in immigrating and obtaining citizenship. The majority of them set severe requirements for applicants' qualifications,...

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