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Australia is one of the happiest countries in the world and in the top highest life expectancy & environmental quality. Owning up to 3 cities in the list of 10 most livable cities in the world, Australia is famous for its excellent quality of life, stable political system, developed economy and crowded job market.

There are 7.6 million foreigners living and working in Australia, accounting for nearly 30% of the Australian population, making this country the number one choice for immigrants.

Area Population Language Currency
7,692 million km² 24,6 million people English AUD


1.  Free or Subsidised Health Care From Some of the World’s Best Hospitals 

The Medicare program in Australia gives people access to a variety of medical services, free treatment in public hospitals, and reduced prices for prescription drugs. After signing up for Medicare, certain visitor groups, all Australian citizens, and all qualified Australian residents can use these services.

Medicare in Australia provides the following benefits to qualified patients: Subsidized or free medical care from specialists, physicians, optometrists, and in some cases, other allied health professionals like dentists.
Free lodging and medical services in a public hospital for Medicare recipients.
75 percent of the Medicare Schedule cost for treatments and services is charged to private patients receiving care in a private or public hospital.

2.  Free or Subsidised Education

The Australian educational system offers basic, intermediate, and tertiary education for free or at a reduced cost. It must be noted that academic results are not the only factor that the Australian education system teaches, with equal emphasis being placed on how students interact, learn, and perform in sports, etc. The Australian public education system has a good reputation for its high quality of students and learning methodologies. Compared to similar systems found throughout Asia, it has a more comprehensive approach.

Despite the fact that English is the primary language of teaching in the Australian educational system, numerous schools provide bilingual and other language programs.

3.  The Weather and Climate

Australia’s mild weather, which is present along most of its East coast, makes it a desirable place for immigrants. The Australian east coast region experiences all four seasons, including the chill and crispness of winter and fall, as well as the entire pleasure of living through the blue sky of summer and spring.

The seasons are inverted in Australia, though, with winter occurring from July to August and summer from December to January due to its location in the Southern Hemisphere.

4.  World’s Most Liveable Cities

Every year, The Economist conducts a survey to determine the world’s most livable cities. These studies show that a number of Australian cities consistently rank among the greatest places to live worldwide. Melbourne consistently holds a top spot among them, and it won the competition in 2017 for the seventh consecutive year.

For each city’s stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure, The Economist assigns a total score out of 100. Melbourne had a score of 97.5 overall.

5.  The Coffee Culture

Do you enjoy drinking coffee? If so, Australia can be regarded as a coffee paradise.

Everyone drinks coffee in Australia, which is recognized for its coffee culture. The big cities are filled with coffee shops that grind fresh beans for your morning dose. One another reason why migrants from nations with a similar coffee culture prefer Australia.

6.  The Food

In Australia, there are many restaurants with multiple Michelin stars, as well as fast food franchises, cafes, and restaurants of all kinds. You may choose from a variety of cuisines, including authentic Vietnamese, Italian, and Chinese food, all of which are prepared with fresh ingredients primarily grown in Australia thanks to the country’s sizable immigrant population.

Popular amateur TV cooking programs like My Kitchen Rules and Masterchef Australia contribute to the nation’s food culture.

7.  Economic conditions and the AUD

The Australian dollar has a reputation for being one of the strongest and safest currencies in the world because of how robust the Australian economy is. It is convenient and economical for migrants from the majority of South East Asian nations to transfer money back to their home nations.

In comparison to other nations, Australia has a high minimum wage of up to $17.70 per hour, compared to just $AU14.66 in the United Kingdom, $AU14.22 in New Zealand, $AU14.98 in France, $AU14.98 in Germany, $AU13.17 in Canada, between $AU10.45 and 13.81 in Canada depending on the province, and a much lower $AU10.45 in the United States.


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