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Children have Australia country because of “Dad’s name”?

Is this really possible?

The answer is apparently not. To apply for citizenship for children born in Australia, the Australian Department of Immigration is no longer as lenient as in previous years because the status of paternity on the birth certificate has become quite common in recent years. Knowing the status of asking a father to obtain citizenship for his child, the Immigration Department has stricter regulations. Currently, the child’s citizenship application must prove the relationship of the parents through a lot of documents. For the most part, the simplest way is to test the DNA between the father and the child to determine paternity. And it is an obvious fact that the DNA results will be evidence against any false father and baby relationship statements.

Where will the story go?

It does not stop at the failure of the application for citizenship for the child. The above stain will also affect the profile of the child’s parent, who claims to have a marital relationship with the “fake father”. And in fact, Dao Nguyen has witnessed many “empty hands” cases when both adults and children were deprived of the opportunity to settle down in their dream country. Not only does it take time, effort, and money to get a “fake father”, but you also face the risk of losing your opportunity. So, don’t make a decision that you regret later because of the sweet advertisements of the brokers or because you do not study the rules carefully.

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