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Canada Migration Program

What are Canada’s immigration programs?

More than 80 different routes exist for immigrants to migrate to Canada. Since the requirements for each program vary significantly, it is impossible to provide a description that applies to all. However, let’s take a quick look to see some immigration programs available and see which one is best for you:

  • Economic and Business Immigration Options: Economic and business immigration options are for professionals who have skills that support the Canadian economy. 

Economic and business immigration categories include:

         + Provincial Nominee Programs

         + Express Entry

         + Quebec Immigration 

         + Investor Programs

         + Entrepreneur and Self-Employed Programs

Other federal classes of immigration like the Caregivers Program, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, and the Agri-Food Pilot are also options under the umbrella of economic immigration to Canada. 

  • Family Sponsorship
  • Humanitarian and Refugee Immigration

Is it difficult to immigrate to Canada?

As long as you meet the requirements of a program that is the best fit for you, immigrating to Canada is not difficult.

Take into account the fact that Canada aims to accept over 400,000 new immigrants each year under its economic, family, and refugee categories. Over 100 different skilled worker programs are run by Canada under the economic class, which also accounts for over 60% of all incoming immigrants. Therefore, there are numerous possibilities available to competent employees abroad.

Am I eligible for the migration program?

Each program has different requirements. However, to be eligible for any program, you must:

  • Have a minimum of 1 year of continuous, qualified work experience within the past 10 years;
  • Have at least a High school diploma;
  • Meet the minimum level of language proficiency;
  • For the primary language (English or French), you must score at least the equivalent of CLB 7 in all abilities;
  • For the secondary language (English or French), you must score at least the equivalent of CLB 5 in all abilities.
  • Have enough funds available to support you and your family members upon approval. 

Contact us to know more about the specific criterias for different programs.

What do I need to prepare?

To know about regulations, the application process, and required documents, contact us to get free consultations.

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